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Linda Gaye Scott
(Also credited as Linda Scott and Linda G. Scott)
Linda Gaye ScottLinda Gaye Scott
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Photos: Green Hornet (1966-1967 TV Series) "Invasion From Outer Space Part 1 & 2"
Photos: Psych-Out (1968 Film)
Photos: Run Home Slow (1965 Film)
Photos: Westworld (1973 Film)

BiographyLINDA PROMISES A MORE DETAILED BIOGRAPHY SOON!  STAY TUNED!  Linda Gaye Scott specialized in funny-sexy roles or just plain sexy roles.  There was very little she did that wasn't sultry.  A natural blonde with incredible looks, she developed a cult following that has persisted to this day.  She was getting involved with bigger and bigger productions all the time when, out of personal choice, decided to part from acting to pursue other projects.  She's the heiress to the Scott paper company, and a prominent businesswoman in her own right.  Extremely intelligent and a class act on or off the screen.  Even bizarre or risque characters were done with taste.

    Scott's most memorable roles included those on TV shows "Batman", "Ben Casey", "Bewitched", "Bonanza", "The Donna Reed Show", "Gidget", "The Green Hornet", "Lost in Space", "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", and "My Favorite Martian".   She glibly admits that she doesn't think too much of her part on "Lost in Space" as an alien girl, but it remains iconic.  Popular appearances in TV movies included "Columbo: Forgotten Lady" and "Rolling Man".  Linda has said that "Rolling Man" is probably her best work, despite the fact that she had to "dress down" for a white trash role.  In feature films, her biggest standout roles were in "Little Fauss & Big Halsy" and "Westworld".  Another feature film, albeit incredibly low-budget, was the quasi-western "Run Home Slow" that has met with mixed acclaim from movie buffs.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  Linda's feelings on it?  "S'okay".  She got to play a rather unique type of character in any film from the time, but the overall story was rather bland and ineffectual.  In RHS, Linda played Julie Ann, a pretty young child bride, but mentally retarded with an evil streak.  It certainly isn't one of the glamorous roles for which Linda became best known.

    Linda looks back fondly on her acting accomplishments of the past, good or bad, and hasn't ruled out a return to acting.  What do you think?  CONTACT.



Escape From Hell Island (1963) [aka Man in the Water]- Linda Dennison
Run Home Slow (1965)- Julie Ann Hagen
Psych-Out (1968)- Lynn
The Party (1968)- Starlet
Little Fauss & Big Halsy (1970)- Moneth
Hammersmith is Out (1972)- Miss Quim
Westworld (1973)- Arlette


My Living Doll- The Lie (1965)...Monica Bird
My Favorite Martian- Bottled Martian (1965)...Nadja
Ben Casey- The Importance of Being 65937 (1965)...Dora McFadden
Gidget- The War Between Men, Women and Gidget (1965)...Patty
The Donna Reed Show- How to Handle a Woman (1965)...Deborah
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.- The Very Important Zombie Affair (1965)...Suzy
Mister Roberts- The World's Greatest Lover (1966)...CHARACTER UNKNOWN, PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU KNOW.
Batman- Give 'Em The Axe (1966)...Moth
Batman- The Ring of Wax (1966)...Moth
Occasional Wife- Occasional Trouble (1966)...Miss Wilson
Occasional Wife- Peter by Moonlight (1966)...Miss Wilson
Occasional Wife- Alias Peter Patterson (1967)...Miss Wilson
Bewitched- Three Wishes (1967)...Buffy
The Green Hornet- Invasion From Outer Space Part 1 (1967)...Vama
The Green Hornet- Invasion From Outer Space Part 2 (1967)...Vama
Hey, Landlord- The Dinner Who Came to Man (1967)...Julie
Lost in Space- Collision of the Planets (1967)...Alien Girl
Bonanza- A Deck of Aces (1971)...Dixie
Bonanza- Warbonnet (1971)...Saloon Girl
Rolling Man (1972 TV Movie)...Crystal
Love, American Style- SEGMENT: Love and the Woman in White (1972)...CHARACTER UNKNOWN, PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU KNOW.
Old Faithful (1973 TV Movie)...Councilman Herbert Zucker
Columbo: Forgotten Lady (1975 TV Movie)...Alma
Cops and Robin (1978 TV Movie)...Laura
Archie Bunker's Place- The Boys' Night Out (1983)...Woman 3


Photos: Green Hornet (1966-1967 TV Series) "Invasion From Outer Space Part 1 & 2"
Photos: Psych-Out (1968 Film)
Photos: Run Home Slow (1965 Film)
Photos: Westworld (1973 Film)