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Leroy "Sloppy" Daniels

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Born: February 17, 1915 in Louisiana, USA
Died: June 19, 1998 in San Antonio, Texas, USA
Cause of Death: ?

Spouse 1:

Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series)

Biography: He was a real life Los Angeles shoeshiner and sometimes actor.  In fact, his rhythmic shining technique was the inspiration for the 1950 country hit "Chattanoogie Shoe-Shine Boy" by Red Foley.

Filmography: In progress.


Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series):

Leroy Daniels
Leroy in "A House is not a Pool Room".

Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series):

Leroy-  Played by Leroy "Sloppy" Daniels.  He was one of Fred's fat buddies that you only saw in the second and third seasons of the shows.  I always liked it when Fred, Bubba, Leroy, and Skillet partied down.  He's a very memorable character, but not in as many episodes as you would think.  Leroy was only in five shows.  The characters of Leroy and Skillet were later written out of the series and as Fred explained to Lamont, they didn't want to hang around him because he was too cantankerous.

  1. A Visit from Lena Horne (12 January 1973) - Leroy
  2. Watts Side Story (26 January 1973) - Leroy
  3. Presenting the Three Degrees (5 October 1973) - Leroy
  4. A House is not a Pool Room (23 November 1973) - Leroy
  5. Wine, Women and Aunt Esther (14 December 1973) - Leroy