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Jonathan Hale

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Birthname:  Jonathan Hatley
Born:  March 21, 1891 in Ontario, Canada
Died:  February 28, 1966 in Woodland Hills, California, USA
Cause of Death: Suicide by Gunshot


Biography: Hale had a long film career and appeared in over 200 films.  He was a member of the Canadian diplomatic service prior to his film career, and his proper (yet firm) manner eased him into a character actor career playing a variety of corporate executives, military officers, and high-level politicians.  Of course, he was a natural choice to play J.C. Dithers, his best known role.  It's interesting that this taller, slender gentleman was chosen to play a character, who in his comic strip form, was short and fat.  Still, Hale did a remarkable job of playing Dithers.  Dithers was a tough, grouchy, and somewhat cruel boss to well-meaning Dagwood, but at times he was compassionate and sort of a friend to the entire Bumstead family. 

    His life ends on a sad note.  In 1966, distraught over personal problems and past the point of no return, Jonathan Hale shot himself to death.  An unworthy end to a prominent man's life.  He was 74 years old.

    I would like to know more about Hale's life and death.  If anyone out there reading this knows more about the details please contact me.  If you would like, you will be given credit on this website.


Jonathan Hale
From "Blondie Goes Latin" (1941).  That white suit he wears looks slick!