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Joi Lansing

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Birth Name:
Joyce Wassmansdorff
Born: April 6, 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Died: August 7, 1972 in Santa Monica, California, USA
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer

Spouse #1:
Height: 5' 5"
38 1/2-23-35 (according to Celebrity Sleuth magazine at the time of her stint on TVs "Love That Bob")


BiographyAn absolutely beautiful, busty, blonde babe!  She was known for having an incredibly large bust.  She developed rapidly as a teenager and became a model in the 1940s.  Pretty soon her physical attributes landed her acting roles.  She made many film and television appearances pretty much beginning in 1947 and throughout the rest of her life (although she did have a role in a 1937 film called "Super Cue Men", but she was just a child then).  "The Bob Cummings Show" also known as "Love That Bob" (American rerun title) was her big break in television and from 1956-1959 she played Shirley Swanson. 

    In the fall of 1957 she had an extremely well-received appearance on TV's "The Adventures of Superman" as Superman's wife.  In fact, she was going to be a recurring character on that show, but the series was cancelled.  She might have even returned to the series in the planned 1959-1960 season had George Reeves (Superman) lived to make it.  Most people, though, remember her best as Gladys Flatt from "The Beverly Hillbillies", playing the attractive wife of Lester Flatt. 

    The fact that she died of breast cancer (of all things) at the young age of 43 is an absolute pity.  There are actually a number of different sources for Ms. Lansing on the Internet, but you'll have to search for them a bit.  As time goes on, more and more sites that feature classic actresses like Joi Lansing disappear from the Internet, but this one is here to stay!



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