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John Qualen

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Birth Name:  John Qualen
Born:  December 8, 1899 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Died:  September 12, 1987 in Torrance, California, USA
Cause of Death:  Heart Failure


Biography:  Popular character actor.  This man was absolutely amazing in the way that he could take on completely different personas.  It's sometimes hard to identify him from one role to another, especially when he started in television.  Appeared in one Blondie movie as Alvin Fuddle's father in #5 Blondie on a Budget.  Only one of two actors to ever play Mr. Ed Fuddle in the Blondie movies.  Mr. Fuddle only appeared one more time and was played by Arthur Space.

    Qualen appeared in two other movies with Arthur Lake (Dagwood Bumstead).


#5: Blondie on a Budget (1940)

John Qualen
John Qualen
John Qualen