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Johnny Duncan

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Batman & Robin (1949 Serial)


Biography: In progress.

Batman & Robin (1949 Serial): When you think of Robin in a live-action show, Burt Ward usually comes to mind.  Chris O'Donnell will be the more obvious choice for younger fans of the character.  But Robin was played in two movie serials prior to the now-classic 1966 "Batman" TV series.  Douglas Croft was the first live-action Robin in 1943's "Batman", and Johnny Duncan was Robin in "Batman & Robin" from 1949.  I had the pleasure of e-mailing Mr. Duncan in 2005.

Polar Blair wrote, on November 18, 2005:

Hello Mr. Duncan,
    My name is Blair Whipple and I am a big fan of the "Batman & Robin" 1949 serial.  In fact, I gave this film its own page on my Polar Blair's Den website.  It's a big, big website with many visitors from all over the world and increasing in popularity every day it seems.  Basically, my page on your film is just a celebration of this great production with pictures and some words just to explain to visitors more about it.  I hear from fans all the time who tell me to add more to this page so I'm always adding pictures and things on a regular basis.

Johnny Duncan wrote, on November 22, 2005:

Yes we did our own stunt work.  It was good to hear from you and thank you for being a fan. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.  Thanks for saying the smartest too. I had to chuckle. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Johnny Duncan

Filmography: In progress.

Photos: In progress.