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Jayne Mansfield

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Cause of Death:  Car Accident

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Biography:  How else can you describe Jayne Mansfield but "incredible"?  True, she didn't have much of an acting range.  Critics often took a potshot at her "limited" acting ability, but she intentionally played up to the bimbo image.  In the 1950s, and for much of the 1960s, beautiful women in film were always about "TNA".  She simply gave male moviegoers what they wanted.  And she did this very well.  Mansfield had an amazing figure that many tried to imitate.  Marilyn Monroe was certainly the first of the "bleached blonde bimbo" actresses, but the way she conducted herself was still very modest (besides a Playboy photospread).  Jayne Mansfield was definitely the one who brought in the era of over-sized busts, tiny waists, lots of skin, and very overt sexuality.  Mansfield proved, irrevocably, that bigger was better.  Later on you had actresses like Joi Lansing, Tura Satana, and Stella Stevens (to name a few), but Jayne Mansfield was certainly the first in this popular trend that lasted well into the 1960s.  Some of these actresses were more legitimate, but they all followed that same sex appeal.

    Besides film acting and television appearances, Jayne Mansfield was also a popular pin-up of nudes, non-nudes, and dang-near-almost-nudes.  Many of her photographers have stated that she was a professional, courteous person.  She was even known to send thank you notes to photographers after a shoot.  And onscreen, whether you liked her shows or not, you just have to admit that she comes off as a very likable personality.

    A tragic car accident in 1967 took Mansfield away from us all too soon.  It would have been interesting to see what she could have done had she lived.  Fortunately, she left behind a great body of work (pun not intended, or was it?) for us to celebrate.

Filmography: In progress.


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