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Janik & Arnaut
Janik & Arnaut
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Biography: There is so little known about this sensational dance team.  If you know anything, please CONTACT ME.

    This was a man and woman dance team.  But unlike Fred & Ginger and other great dance teams, NO ONE could call Janik & Arnaut boring or dry.  By anyone's taste, Janik & Arnaut were and still are something really interesting to see.

    I assume Janik is the man, since that is typically a boy's name, and Arnaut is the woman.  I first saw Janik & Arnaut on Abbott & Costello's variety show, "The Colgate Comedy Hour", which first aired on March 21, 1954.  This episode HAS been released on DVD in 2003 under the title "The Abbott & Costello Christmas Special".  There were two episodes on the disc, the popular Christmas episode from 1952, and this show from 1954.  Although the 1954 show is NOT a Christmas episode, it was paired with the actual Christmas episode probably just to give people more for their money.

    The act they had for Colgate was spectacular!  The man starts out playing snake charmer.  After the fake snake rises into the air like a rope, the girl slithers down the rope, dressed in her skintight snake outfit!  If that wasn't appealing enough, the girl "becomes" the snake, moving every part of her body just like the real thing!  She wraps herself around the man and crawls all over him like the prettiest of pythons.

    She's more than a contortionist.  She doesn't just put her legs behind her head and walk around.  That would be amazing enough, but this lady takes it into the stratosphere!  And the man looks cool with her.  He's also a good dancer.  It takes both of them to make it work.

    Once again, if anyone knows anything about this pair, CONTACT ME.



"The Colgate Comedy Hour" Season 4, Episode 25 (March 21, 1954)

"The Steve Allen Show" Season 2, Episode 6 (1956)*

"The Steve Allen Show" Season 2, Episode 23 (1957)*

"The Steve Allen Show" Season 3, Episode 24 (1958)*

"Toast of the Town/The Ed Sullivan Show" Season 11, Episode 48 (1958)*

* I would like to have these appearances on DVD as well.  If you can help, please CONTACT ME.


"The Colgate Comedy Hour" (March 21, 1954)

Video Clips:

"The Colgate Comedy Hour" (March 21, 1954)

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