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Irving Bacon

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Birth Name:  Irving Bacon
Born:  September 6, 1893 in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
Died:  February 5, 1965 in Hollywood, California, USA
Cause of Death:  ?


Biography:  If you're a fan of any movie from the 1930s-1950s you've most likely seen Irving Bacon in something!  He was a very busy character actor who began his film career in 1915 during the silent movie days.  It may seem strange that I listed Irving Bacon in the "Regulars" cast section because he left the film series in 1943, but for the first five years of the Blondie movies his mailman character was such a memorable foil for Dagwood Bumstead that many Blondie movie fans automatically think of him when they think of Dagwood crashing into the mailman!  There were many great actors afterwards that played mailmen in the Blondie movies, but Irving Bacon is the standard.  He appeared in these Blondie movies:

1. Blondie (1938)
2. Blondie Meets the Boss (1939)
3. Blondie Takes a Vacation (1939)
4. Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939)
5. Blondie on a Budget (1940)
6. Blondie Has Servant Trouble (1940)
7. Blondie Plays Cupid (1940)
8. Blondie Goes Latin (1941)
9. Blondie in Society (1941)
11. Blondie's Blessed Event (1942)
12. Blondie for Victory (1942)
13. It's a Great Life (1943)
14. Footlight Glamour (1943)

    In the very first Blondie movie, his mailman character was called Mr. Beazley.  From the second film on he was called Mr. Crumb.  What makes his mailman character so funny is that he tries to put up with Dagwood as best he can, but gets so fed up with getting crashed into all the time that he starts losing it.  Mr. Crumb is always devising various ways of avoiding Dagwood in the mornings and, sometimes, payback!  This mailman has a good reason to go "postal"!

    Fun Facts:  He was sometimes credited as Irving Back in his non-Blondie pictures, but almost always as Irving Bacon.  He was 6' tall (a very good height for the late 19th-early 20th century).  His brother was director Lloyd Bacon and his father was actor/writer Frank Bacon who did many early silent movies.  Besides movies, Irving Bacon also appeared quite frequently on stage and television.

    I am always looking for more information, rare photos, etc. on anything that involves anyone or anything about the Blondie movies.  If you have something concerning Irving Bacon that you'd like to share, please contact me.