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Fay Helm

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Birth Name:  Fay Helm
Birthdate:  April 9, 1909
Place of Birth:  Bakersfield, California, USA

Date of Death:  September 27, 2003
Place of Death:  California, USA
Cause of Death:  ?

Biography:  Did a lot of movies, but was uncredited in many of them.  She has the distinction of being the only actress to have ever portrayed Alvin Fuddle's mom in the Blondie movies.  She was in four Blondie films:  #1 Blondie, #4 Blondie Brings Up Baby, #5 Blondie on a Budget, #6 Blondie Has Servant Trouble.

    As long as Fay Helm lived, it seemed she quit making movies after 1946.

Photos:  Click on thumbnails for larger images.

#1: "Blondie" (1938)

Fay Helm

Fay Helm

Fay Helm
Notice how she's brunette in this film!  I bet when she let her hair down and lost the glasses she was a real babe!

#6: "Blondie Has Servant Trouble" (1940)

Fay Helm

Fay Helm

Fay Helm
Notice how she's blonde in this film!