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Eugene Levy

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Biography:  Eugene Levy is a wildly-talented comic actor and writer who first was known to mainstream TV audiences on "SCTV".  In that Canadian-made, U.S.-syndicated sketch-comedy series Levy really got to show his stuff and played countless memorable characters.  It's hard to say what was his major character on the show.  Could it have been off-key news anchorman Earl Camembert?  Or hacky Jewish stand-up comic Bobby Bittman?  Maybe it was SCTV security guard Gus Gustofferson?  Or hunchbacked horror movie actor Woody Tobias, Jr.?  Levy played many, many different characters on the show in big and small parts.  But it seems he found his greatest success in playing straight, clean-cut, nerdy characters.  Levy was on a hot streak for the entire run of "SCTV" (1976-1984) and in the outstanding 1986 action-comedy movie "Armed & Dangerous" with John Candy, but after that it seemed he "cooled off".  He still worked a lot, but somehow he kind of dropped out of sight a bit.  But in 1999 he "came back" and came back BIG in the smash comedy hit film "American Pie" as the dad, Noah Levenstein.  He's been on a roll ever since, having been in all six "American Pie" films so far (2009), a fantastic, but all-too-brief run on the hilarious TV comedy series "Greg the Bunny" (2001), and in action-comedy "The Man" (2005) with Samuel L. Jackson amongst many other films.  More coming soon!

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