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Eileen O'Neill

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Biography:  I like Eileen O'Neill a lot.  She's probably best known for playing Sergeant Gloria Ames on TVs "Burke's Law", but she worked steadily from 1961 to 1970.  Why hasn't she worked since then?  It seems such a shame.  Eileen's very pretty, but more than that, she's a likable personality. 

    "Burke's Law" was great for her, and for women's roles in television at the time.  Here she played a police Sergeant.  True, she did little more than act as messenger and get the coffee and sandwiches, but at least it showed audiences that a woman on television could be a competent, higher-ranking policewoman.  I do believe that characters like this ultimately led to Aaron Spelling's later series of "Charlie's Angels", where all of the crimefighters were women.

    Social commentary aside, I think Eileen O'Neill did a lot of great work and deserves more recognition.  This feature WILL expand.




Burke's Law- Who Killed The Card?

Eileen O'Neill  Eileen O'Neill
In the first picture, Sgt. Ames is in a flapper girl costume.  The police department was putting on a 1920s act for charity.  I think she looks just as cute as can be in that little outfit.  The second pic is just a great snap from later in the episode.