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Don Beddoe

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Birth Name:  Donald T. Beddoe
Born:  July 1, 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died:  January 19, 1991 in Laguna Hills, California, USA
Cause of Death:  Natural Causes

Biography:  He was mainly a character actor who kept busy in films for much of his life.  He played Dagwood's best friend and neighbor Marvin Williams in two Blondie films (#2 Blondie Meets the Boss and #5 Blondie on a Budget).  He also appeared in a third Blondie film, but as a character named Mr. Larkin in #12 Blondie for Victory. 

    Like Arthur Lake, Don Beddoe also headlined movies as a popular comic strip character.  He played Walt Wallet in the "Gasoline Alley" films.  Beddoe was surprisingly versatile as an actor.  He played clods, like Marvin Williams, while also playing stuffy English types and all things between.  He also had a good career in television throughout the rest of his acting days.

Don Beddoe
Don Beddoe in "Blondie Meets the Boss" (1939)