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DeForest Covan

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Born: September 19, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cause of Death:

Spouse 1:

Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series)


Filmography: In progress.


Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series):

Uncle Woodrow "Woody" Anderson #1:  Just how many Uncle Woodys were there in the show?  There were two actors to play him.  DeForest Covan was the first Uncle Woody.  He was smaller than Esther, just as his successor would be.  Also a lush like the later Woody would be, Covan's Woody was a bit more of a live-wire.  That is, until, Esther cracked down on him.  He appeared in one episode:

  1. The Engagement/Members of the Wedding... (9 November 1973) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson