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Dave Thomas

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SCTV (1976-1984 TV Series)

Dave Thomas:  I've always found this guy to be funny!  He was one of the original SCTV members in 1976.  In 1980, he became super-popular as Doug MacKenzie of the Great White North skits.  Doug MacKenzie quickly and forever became his most beloved character on the show.  In 1983, the MacKenzie brothers starred in their very own feature film, "Strange Brew" that has since become a comedy classic.  Things cooled off a bit despite an excellent late-night series in 1990 called "The Dave Thomas Comedy Show".  Sadly, that show was short-lived.  Dave's always worked and been in stuff, but it wasn't until 1993 that he had a big resurgence in popularity with his role as the pharmacist/neighbor on TVs "Grace Under Fire", which lasted through 1998.  He's done a lot of great movies and TV shows during and since this period, and now we're all waiting for "the next big thing" for Dave Thomas.

SCTV (1976-1984 TV Series):

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Original Characters:

Angus Crock-  Anything Scottish is funny!  Angus is the kilt-wearing bluesman and TV personality.  Basically, he's funny because he's so crass.  And the whole idea of an old Scottish bluesman, dressed like he is, is ridiculous.

Skits To Watch For:
Cookery Crock: Gregory Peck
Words To Live By: Angus and the Rabbi

Bill Needle-  Funny!  He's a perpetually angry talk-show host.  Bill flies off the handle over any little thing.

Skits To Watch For:
Bill Needle's Mail Bag: Short Show
Bill Needle's Shoot For The Stars: Rupert Holmes/Chuck Mangione- Rupert the reindeer!

Captain Combat- A direct parody on children's TV personality Captain Kangaroo.  I LOVE Captain Kangaroo!  And I love this militia-nut version of him!

Skits To Watch For:
Captain Combat- Uh, oh!  Gunny Rabbit's gonna get it!

Doug MacKenzie- Perhaps the all-time best Dave Thomas character!  Along with brother Bob, he is an absolute 100% negative stereotype of the loser Canadian.  Meant to slam Canadians, he actually became a favorite TV character IN Canada!  Almost zero intelligence, Doug likes backbacon, beer, smokes, and toques!

Skits To Watch For:
You have GOT to see every single skit of the MacKenzie brothers you can, and especially the 1983 feature film "Strange Brew."

Harvey K-Tel-  This character is ALWAYS funny.  What Dave did is take the loud, fast-talking voice from K-Tel commercials and give it a personality.  And it's always interesting to see where this character is applied.

Skits To Watch For:
Fast Talking Playhouse
Speaking Of Talk With Lou Jaffe

Lin Ye Tang- Along with Doug MacKenzie, this is one of my favorite Dave Thomas characters!  In the early shows, Lin Ye Tang was nothing more than an ambiguous Chinese character who happened to be a doctor, restauranteur, etc.  But eventually (around 1977) he became a martial arts movie star that constantly tried to branch out into other kinds of shows.

Skits To Watch For:
Blind Fists of the Furious Dragon- Promo of Chinese martial arts film.  Awesome!
Chinese Fairy Tales- Storytime with Lin Ye Tang?  Uh, oh!

Master Sergeant Chef- An ex-Vietnam War Green Beret turned gourmet chef.  There you have it.

Skits To Watch For:
Master Sergeant Chef

The Silly Bastard-  A complete retard in the post-American Revolutionary War era!  Basically, the whole name and idea of the character was to see how far they could push the "double-meaning" gag with the censors.  You've just got to see this character to get the full effect.

Skits To Watch For:
The Silly Bastard

Tim Ishimuni-  Whereas Lin Ye Tang is not really such a prejudicial character against Chinese (he's just a goofy character), Tim Ishimuni IS meant to be a slam against the Japanese.  It's funny, because he takes all the Japanese stereotypes and puts them together in one wild "don't go there" kind of character.  He's not as interesting of character as Lin Ye Tang, but he is much bolder and certainly more racial.  But after a minute or two, the major laughs are over.  Tim was not used as much as a lot of the other characters.

Skits To Watch For:
Just about any Tim Ishimuni appearance will do.


Bob Hope- He does a great Bob Hope!  What can I say?  Flat out the best impersonation of Bob Hope EVER!

Skits To Watch For:
Bob Hope Desert Classic
Taxi Driver

Carl Sagan- I always liked Carl Sagan, but this is a funny impersonation of him.

Skits To Watch For:
Battle of the PBS Stars: Football
Cosmos: Behind The Scenes

Walter Kronkite- It's an accurate imitation, but not a flattering portrayal.  But don't fear, it's not made to be mean; more of a light-hearted jab.  It's just funny to see Walter drunk or making prank phone calls, things you'd never expect the real news anchor to do.

Skits To Watch For:
Dialing For Dollars: My Factory, My Self
Point/Counterpoint: Alcohol