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Carrie Westcott
Carrie Westcott

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Birth Name: Carrie Ann Westcott
December 12, 1969 in Mission Hills, Kansas, USA.

Height: 5' 8"
Measurements: 34-24-34.5


Biography:  Carrie began modeling in her teens.  In 1992, Carrie sent photos of herself to "Playboy" magazine.  This led to her greatest claim-to-fame, the highly-coveted spot of Playmate of the Month in the September, 1993 issue.  From then on, Carrie Westcott became known primarily as a Playboy model for numerous special editions and videos.

    Westcott did a bit of acting in low-budget movies like "Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel" (1993), "Lover's Leap" (1995), and "Return to Savage Beach" (1998).  Other parts in mainstream shows were little more than walk-on roles, proudly displaying her good looks.  "Return to Savage Beach" marked the end of her regular acting roles, while her Playboy videos stopped in 2000.

    If pointed in the right direction, Carrie Westcott could have played sexy good girls/bad girls in a LOT of action movies.  As it is, she still enjoyed a very successful stint with Playboy.

Filmography: COMING SOON!