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Ava Fabian

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Born: April 4, 1962 in Brewster, New York, USA.

Spouse: ?
Height: 5' 7"
Measurements: 36-24-34


Biography:  Ava Fabian has done more as a Playboy model than in acting.  In a way, this is a shame, because she's a really remarkable presence in her shows.  Her senior class in high school voted her both "Most Beautiful" and "Best Body".  That must have been a sign of things to come, because she did pretty good as a department store and catalog model shortly thereafter.  Her big break was appearing in Playboy Magazine as Playmate of the Month for August, 1986.  A successful reception of this led to her being in a string of Playboy's videos.  But she also had other work, including parts in big movies like "Dragnet" (1987), "Ski School" (1991) (which has since become a cult hit), two episodes of TVs "Married...With Children" in 1990 and 1991, "Mobsters" (1991), an episode of TVs "Black Scorpion" and "The Drew Carey Show", both in 2001, and playing herself in a 2002 episode of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".  She's done other shows, but these are the highlights.  In 2002, sixteen years after her popular Playboy centerfold, Ava was honored as being one of only five Playmates selected for being a doll.  These dolls are fantastic; also very limited and rare.  They're made realistic and have soft plastic skin.  Since 2005, it seems as if Ava Fabian has dropped out of shows and magazines altogether.  Hopefully, she will someday come out of retirement...because they "just don't build 'em like that anymore!".

    I think her most memorable role in shows was playing Stretch, sexy evil sidekick to villainess Aerobicide in "Black Scorpion".  All three of the bad girls (including Bend) were sexy, but Ava was certainly a standout.  She wears the costume well.  And she's good in playing those small, yet still highly visible parts.  She could have played sexy bad girls in a lot of shows.



Playboy (August, 1986)


Black Scorpion- No Sweat (2001)

Ava Fabian
Ava Fabian as Stretch, sexy sidekick to sinister Aerobicide!


Ava Fabian

Playboy Bunny

Ava Fabian

Ava Fabian

Ava Fabian

Ava Fabian Verne Troyer
Ava Fabian with Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer of Austin Powers fame.

Ava Fabian  Ava Fabian