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Angelica Bridges
Angelica Bridges
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Birth Name: Angelica Jo Bridges
November 20, 1973 in Harrisonville, Missouri, USA.

Spouse #1:
Sheldon Souray (August 10, 2002-2007) (divorced) [2 children]
Height: 5' 8"


Biography:  She's done pretty well for herself.  Angelica Bridges started modeling and singing at a young age in her native Missouri.  In 1990, she won the title of Miss Missouri Teen.  While a singer at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, Bridges was "discovered" by the president of Elite Model Management.  By 1995, she was making appearances in movies and top TV shows.  1997 was a very good year for Bridges.  It was that year she landed her best-known role of Lt. Taylor Walsh on "Baywatch" for its tenth season (better known as "Baywatch Hawaii").  She was only in the series for one season (22 episodes), but during that time she did a lot of other work.

    Early 1998 gave us another really memorable role as sword-slinging fantasy heroine Red Sonja in the 'Red Sonja' episode of "Conan" (February 8).  Although the "Conan" series lasted only one season, and Angelica Bridges/Red Sonja made only one appearance near the end of that season, the 'Red Sonja' episode became probably the best-known episode of the entire series.  For those who don't know, Red Sonja was a long-time popular character from Conan stories, comics, and a 1985 feature film starring Brigitte Nielsen as the heroine.  Red Sonja was a welcome addition to the cast of "Conan".  Bridges gave an excellent appearance as Red Sonja, and she was most likely considered to be a recurring guest star on the series.  Red Sonja might have been spun off into her own TV series, like Xena had been from "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys".  It didn't happen.  However, Bridges still found a lot of work.

    Some of Bridges most memorable roles include:  Omegis on three episodes (1998-1999) of the syndicated series, "Mortal Kombat: Conquest"; one of the Furriers (with the shrinking costumes) on the major motion picture release (that flopped), "Mystery Men" (1999); punk rocker henchwoman Shriek in 'Face the Music' episode of superhero series, "Black Scorpion" (2001); Areola on two episodes (2001-2002) of "Baywatch" spoof series "Son of the Beach"; the 2003 TV "Baywatch Hawaii" reunion, "Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding"; and Paige in 7 episodes (2004) of the soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful".

    In 2002, Angelica married NHL player Sheldon Souray of the Montreal Canadians.  They had two children: Valentina Raine Souray (born September 22, 2003) and Scarlett Skye Souray (June, 2007).  Bridges and Souray divorced in 2007.

    Starting in 2005, Bridges has concentrated a lot on her music, becoming the lead singer/leader of the girl pop/dance group Tinseltown Kitty, and later Strawberry Blonde.  She also is presenter and singer (not a dancer) at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada for their topless show "Fantasy".

Filmography: COMING SOON!