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Alex Hyde-White

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January 30, 1959 in London, England, UK
Cause of Death:

Spouse #1: Karen Dotrice (1986-1992) (divorce, 1 son Garrick)
Spouse #2: Shelly Bovert (June 25, 1997-?) (1 son Jackson Conor born March 13, 2001)


BiographyHe's been working in films and TV fairly steady since 1978 in all kinds of shows, big and small.   An interesting thing to know is that he played young Sean Connery in the hit 1989 movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".  You only see him from his chest down, but that is him talking to River Phoenix (aka young Indy).  He's married twice.  The first time in 1986 to actress Karen Dotrice which ended in 1992 by divorce.  They had one child, a boy named Garrick.  He got married again on June  25, 1997 to actress Shelly Bovert and at this time (2005) is still married to her.  They have one son together, Jackson Conor, born on March 13, 2001.  Another interesting thing to know about Mr. Hyde-White is that his nickname is "Punch".  And yet another interesting thing is that his father was the busy British character actor Wilfrid Hyde-White.

Filmography: In progress.