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Action Figures
Comic Books

Action Figures:

Women Action Figures Or Dolls- Female action figures are still surprisingly hard to come by nowadays, because it's always been more of a little boys' market.  I'm looking for "pretty" figures, or dolls, based on characters from cartoons, comics, films, television...even real-life personalities.  I have a pretty broad scope for wants, but here are some characters I'm looking for specifically.  I will take commercially-released figures/dolls or very good custom made figures/dolls:

AC Comics Characters
Archie Comics Characters
Atlas Comics Characters
Cartoon Characters
Comic Strip Characters
Continuity Comics Characters
DC Comics Characters
Disney Characters
Eternity Comics Characters
Fiction House Comics Characters
Film Characters
G.I. Joe Characters
Harvey Comics Characters
Marvel Comics Characters
Pacific Comics Characters
Personality Comics Characters (Spoof Comics Imprint)
Real People
Topps Comics Characters
TV Characters
Video Game Characters

AC Comics Characters:

Black Phantom
About Black Phantom-  Buxom, blonde cowgirl babe who started out in the "Golden Age" of comics as a property of the Magazine Enterprises (M.E.) comic publisher.  AC Comics later acquired the character and has had moderate success with the sexy gunslinger, although she hasn't yet become a huge hit.

About Dragonfly-  I want the original costume version only, with long hair.

Ms. Victory
About Ms. Victory-  Appeared in comics of the "Golden Age" as Miss Victory.  A sexy blonde patriot.  I'm really into any good-looking figure/doll of any design of the character, even going back to Miss Victory days.

Nyoka, the Jungle Girl
About Nyoka, the Jungle Girl-  Originally a property of Fawcett Comics.  AC basically kept her traditional look, but made her a bit sexier.  Unlike most jungle girl characters, Nyoka was brunette with explorer clothes rather than animal skins.

Tara, the Jungle Girl
About Tara, the Jungle Girl-  I love this black-haired jungle beauty.  She certainly is one of the most original jungle girl characters ever created.

Archie Comics Characters:

Fly Girl
About Fly Girl-  Blonde-haired, green-costumed superheroine babe.  Girlfriend to The Fly, sometimes known as Fly-Man.

Atlas Comics Characters:

Jann of the Jungle
About Jann of the Jungle-  Dark-haired, dark-skinned jungle heroine from the publisher that later became Marvel Comics.

Lorna the Jungle Girl
About Lorna the Jungle Girl-  Blonde jungle babe.  Most of the jungle heroines from the 1940s-50s kind of blend together, but Lorna has the distinction of perhaps being the most top-heavy.

Cartoon Characters:

About Red-  From MGM's "Wolf & Red" cartoons, directed by Tex Avery.  I'm interested in any kind of figure of the sexy Red.  She was definitely an inspiration for the later character of Jessica Rabbit.

Comic Strip Characters:

Daisy Mae Scragg
About Daisy Mae Scragg-  The buxom blonde hillbilly beauty from the "Li'l Abner" comic strip.

Miss Fury
About Miss Fury-  Star of her own adventure strip, she started out as Black Fury, and was later renamed Miss Fury.  This sexy, cat-suited heroine is like DC's later character of Catwoman.  Miss Fury has been infrequently revived in comic books from independent publishers over the years.

Continuity Comics Characters:

Ms. Mystic
About Ms. Mystic-  A cosmic heroine with long, white hair and a form-fitting black costume.

DC Comics Characters:

Dove II
About Dove II-  Although simply called "Dove" in the comics, she was the second Dove of the Hawk & Dove superhero team.  This Dove was a girl; the first was a boy.

About Jaguar-  From the Impact Comics imprint of DC Comics.  This is a female version of The Jaguar character that originally appeared in comics from the Archie publisher.

About Maxima-  Sexy, busty, redheaded heroine from "Superman" and "Justice League" comics.

Tangent Comics: Flash
About Tangent Comics: Flash-  Tangent Comics was an experimental imprint of DC Comics.  This "Flash" was a blonde-haired, pink-suited college-aged cutie.

Tangent Comics: Green Lantern
About Tangent Comics: Green Lantern-  Tangent Comics was an experimental imprint of DC Comics.  This "Green Lantern" was a sexy Asian mystic with green cloak.

Disney Characters:

Jessica Rabbit

About Jessica Rabbit-  The sexy, cartoony human wife of Roger Rabbit.

Eternity Comics Characters:

Cat Claw
About Cat Claw-  Sexy, redheaded, cat-costumed superheroine babe!

Fiction House Comics Characters:

About Ann-  She was the dark-haired jungle babe mate of Kaanga, the blond-haired king of the jungle.

About Sheena-  The jungle babe that started it all!  I'm truly surprised that figures of Sheena are non-existent!  She's STILL the one jungle girl that everybody knows, but just isn't merchandised like some of her imitators.

Film Characters:

Black Whip
About Black Whip-  From the serial "Zorro's Black Whip" starring Linda Stirling as a sexy, female version of the Zorro character.

Panther Girl
About Panther Girl-  From the serial "Panther Girl of the Kongo" starring Phyllis Coates as the jungle adventuress, ala the style of Nyoka, the Jungle Girl.

About Tiger-Woman-  From the serial "Tiger-Woman" starring Linda Stirling as the sexy jungle babe!

G.I. Joe Characters:

The Baroness
About The Baroness-  The sexy "bad babe" of G.I. Joe media.  I don't want the chunky, 3" figures with all the joints.  I want a very sexy-looking Baroness figure or doll with great detail and at least around the 6" tall neighborhood.  I'll take taller, too.

Lady Jaye
About Lady Jaye-  One of the sexy good girls from G.I. Joe.  Like I said for Baroness, I don't want a chunky 3" figure with lots of joints.  I'm looking for a sleeker, taller figure.

About Scarlett-  Sexy, redheaded heroine from G.I. Joe.  The same goes for this that I said for Baroness and Lady Jaye.  I want an attractive figure, not the 3" versions.

Harvey Comics Characters:

The Black Cat
About The Black Cat-  This is the "Golden Age" version of Black Cat, not the much later character from Marvel.  This Black Cat is a stunning redhead beauty with black, catlike costume.

Marvel Comics Characters:

Black Mamba
About Black Mamba-  She's the sexy, black-haired friend of Diamondback from "Captain America" comics.  Like Diamondback, she started out as a criminal member of The Serpent Society group and somewhat reformed.

About Crystal-  Member of The Inhumans superhero team from "Fantastic Four" comics, later a member of "The Avengers" comics.  I want the grown-up Crystal, not the little girl Crystal from the early days.


About Diamondback-  She was a major character in "Captain America" comics from the late 1980s-middle 1990s.  Diamondback was a formal criminal that became Cap's sidekick and love interest.  Marvel has seriously underplayed the character since she was phased out in the 90s.  I want the classic pink and black costume look, when she had pink/magenta-colored hair.

About Elektra-  Elektra figures have been made, to my knowledge, but they're mostly bad.  I want an Elektra figure with long hair and tight red outfit ONLY.  No other versions of the character will do, and I really don't want her to be over-jointed.

The Enchantress

About The Enchantress-  She's the beautiful, buxom blonde femme fatale from "Thor" comics.  I'm seeking the traditional green costume look, but will consider her more contemporary designs.

About Fantasma-  Sexy, black-haired bad girl from the Soviet Super Soldiers team.  Wears a skimpy blue dress.

Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl
About Jean Grey-  Redheaded babe from the X-Men team.  Preferably any look that pre-dates the 1990s.  I'm not too keen on the blue and yellow costume from the 1990s period.

Lady Sif
About Lady Sif-  Thor's girlfriend from the "Thor" comics.

About Medusa-  Blue-suited beauty of The Inhumans superhero team from "Fantastic Four" comics.  Has very long red hair that she can move like limbs.

Red Sonja
About Red Sonja-  Red-headed barbarian babe dressed in chain mail from "Conan" and "Red Sonja" comics.

Shanna, the She-Devil
About Shanna, the She-Devil-  Basically Marvel's redheaded version of Sheena.

About She-Hulk-  I know figures of She-Hulk exist, but I'm looking for a sleek, sexy She-Hulk that isn't overly muscled.

About Valkyrie-  Sexy blonde Viking warrior babe from "Thor" comics.

Pacific Comics Characters:

About Vanity-  Short-lived, black-haired space heroine.

Personality Comics Characters (Spoof Comics Imprint):

About Batbabe-  Obviously a take on DC's Batman, but I think the character is so sharply designed that I'd like to see her in figure form.

About Spider-Femme-  She is one of Spoof's most original characters.  Although a play on a female version of Spider-Man, her costume looks NOTHING like Spider-Man and is really quite interesting.  She'd make a great-looking figure.

Real People:

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
About Elvira, Mistress of the Dark-  The sexy vamp character of Cassandra Peterson who has appeared in many areas of media.  An action figure was released years ago, but it wasn't a very good likeness.  I'd like an Elvira figure/doll that actually LOOKS like Elvira.

Gracie Allen

About Gracie Allen-  She was the comedian wife of George Burns who, with her husband, became a huge star in stage, film, radio, and television with their "Burns & Allen" show.  I do know for a fact that a Gracie Allen doll has been commerically produced, but it's hard to locate.  If you can help me I'd be most grateful.

Jayne Mansfield
About Jayne Mansfield-  The bubbly, blonde, well-built comedic "bimbo" actress of the 1960s-70s.

Topps Comics Characters:

Lady Rawhide
About Lady Rawhide-  A spinoff character from Topps' "Zorro" series, Lady Rawhide had a pretty respectable following from readers and a large publicity engine from the publisher.  She was a sexy, redheaded Latina who dressed scantily in rawhide and fought crime.

TV Characters:

About Dyna-Girl-  The perky, pony-tailed sidekick of Electra Woman from TVs "The Krofft Supershow".  In 2000, Living Toyz released an action figure of Electra Woman, but not Dyna-Girl!  I'd prefer this figure to be to scale of the 5" Electra Woman figure, but it isn't completely necessary.

Video Game Characters:

Blair Dame
About Blair Dame-  She was a character from the "Street Fighter EX" game series.  A sexy heroine with short, blue hair.

Mai Shiranui
About Mai Shiranui-  Extremely sexy Japanese heroine from "King of Fighters" games.

Pullum Purna
About Pullum Purna-  Sexy, Arabian heroine from "Street Fighter EX" games.

Sonja Blade
About Sonja Blade-  Sexy blonde spy-babe heroine from "Mortal Kombat" games.

About Zola-  Sexy Catwoman-like bad girl from "Battle Arena Toshinden 3" game.


"Mighty Mouse" Merchandise-  I'm looking for any kind of merchandise related to the characters of Mighty Mouse, Pearl Pureheart, Oil Can Harry, and so on.

"Terrytoons Studios" Merchandise-  I love classic Terrytoons characters and am eager to collect any interested merchandise/memorabilia of characters like:  Deputy Dawg, Gandy Goose, Heckle & Jeckle, Little Roquefort, Mighty Mouse.  Most of the "New Terrytoons" characters can take a hike, but I am open to a few.

"Wally Walrus" Merchandise-  I LOVE Wally Walrus!  He's one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters.  He was the foil of Woody Woodpecker in the cartoons of the 1940s-50s.  I'm pretty much interested in anything Wally!

Comic Books:

My interest in comic books is very wide and varied.  I love most comics from the 1930s-1980s.  1994 is about as recent as my tastes go, because the medium really turned to trash about that time.  There have been SOME good comics made since then, but few and far between.  I like superheroes well enough, but am even more interested in other genres like:  Cars, Comedy, Film, Funny Animal, Horror, Non-Fiction, Science-Fiction, Television, Underground, Western, and others.


"Little Iodine" (1946)-  Based on the popular comic strip.  Irene Ryan starred as Mrs. Tremble, the mother of Little Iodine.  This film, of course, came long before Ryan's heyday as Granny in TVs "The Beverly Hillbillies".

"The Rocketeer" (1991) Merchandise
-  I have the film, but am looking for any kind of unique merchandise or memorabilia surrounding this film.

"Rubia's Jungle" (1971)
-  This is a very hard film for me to find.  I'm looking for a good copy on VHS or DVD.  My friend Quinn O'Hara is the leading lady in this dramatic picture.  She is also looking for a copy and would appreciate anything you can do to help.


"The Flash" (1990-1991) Merchandise-  I love this series and am interested in collecting any merchandise/nostalgia relating specifically to this show.

"Li'l Abner" (1967)
-  This was an unsold TV pilot based on the popular comic strip and starring Jeannine Riley as Daisy Mae.  Riley, before this, had been the original Billie Jo on TVs "Petticoat Junction".