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I've received a lot of fan mail over the years, but certain ones really stand out and, I feel, are worth sharing.  Big thanks to all of you who write to me!  For the most part, I will present these letters exactly as I receive them, spelling/grammatical errors and all!  If I'm actually re-typing a letter, I will try my best to make it perfect.

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Actors/Actresses/Performers:  Beauties of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
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June 17, 2005

    I love your site on Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies.  I, too, have been fascinated by Narda Onyx (ever since I saw her on an episode of "One Step Beyond") and have wondered what happened to her.  All I do know, and this may help you, is that she authored an out-of-print biography of Johnny Weissmuller in 1964 called Water, World, and Weissmuller.  Also, and you probably know this, she starred in a cheesy, drive-in type western in the mid-sixties called "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter".  If you find out anything more, I'd appreciate it if you contact me directly or through your wonderful site.

Best wishes to you,


POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  Every once in awhile, someone asks about Narda Onyx.  I thought she was excellent on "The Beverly Hillbillies" and should have been a continuing character.

October 4, 2005

    I was a big fan of Bettina Brenna in the 1960s.  Wonder what happened to her?

David Paterno

POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  I've received a LOT of e-mails about Bettina Brenna, pretty much like the one above.  She's well-liked, but everyone that writes in wonders what's become of her.  If you know, please CONTACT ME.

October 14, 2005

    "Thank you so much for the kind words re/Candy Davis as well as robot 'Diane'...It is nice to be remembered with such glowing terms!


Susan Hart"

POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  This came in the form of a Thank You card in the mail.

November 5, 2005

    Thanks for the info on Marianne Gaba.  My father and her are either cousins or second cousins, but I never heard much about her.  I found your webpage VERY interesting.


Ron Gaba

September 23, 2006

Dear Blair,
I found your info on a website.  You spoke of Joan Huntington, an actress I enjoyed watching, in of all things, episodes of the Wild Wild West.
I know she did more than that, and read her filmography.  I was wandering why she hasn't done more.  Has she retired from acting?

Actors/Actresses/Performers: Blair's Girls: Favorite Film Heroines
Visit Blair's Girls: Favorite Film Heroines, a special feature in the Actors/Actresses/Performers Department!

July 6, 2005

    Your website does justice to this fascinating subject.  Enlightening as well.  I was unaware Linda Stirling played the role of Black Whip.  And I never heard of Marilyn Patch, but WOW!  Post some more photos of that eye-popper if you can.

    Now...just what you want, even though you didn't ask:  free advice.  And by golly...I just happen to have some.

    My top 5 favorite "heroines" submitted for your approval or at least consideration for amendment to your already well-endowed list.

1.  Julie Newmar
    In my humble opinion, this is the sexiest entry in all TV heroinism.  Though I am smitten by her in any of her variegated manifestations, her role as Catwoman should insure her a place in "Blair's Girls".

2.  Lori Saunders (aka "Bobbi Jo of PJ")
    Femme-fatale supreme of PJ's line-up.  Post some photos of this stunning beauty with your section on the Junction.

3.  Diana Rigg (aka "Emma Peel of the Avengers")
    I was surprised you had not included this heroine-extraordinaire!  I mean, come on Blair, she's the quintessential poster-child of what your site is all about.

4.  Emily Paden (aka "Emmy Jo of the New Zoo Revue)
    OK.  I'm going out on a poetic-license limb here.  This is my version of your Marilyn Patch.  The New Zoo Revue was a children's show aired in the early 1970s.  For the most part, the format was insipid when not obnoxious.  With the stunning exception of Emily Paden...clad in mini-sundresses and knee-high go-go boots.  Needless to say, I was willing to endure the insipid/obnoxious to enjoy her eye-filling beauty.  Photos of the lady seem to be obscure.

5.  Betty Page...all-time champion of the Pin-Ups
    I know...that ain't TV.  OK...so more poetic license is afoot.  So be it.  This lady is more than just a heroine, she is a genuine American legend.

6.  Why not name your site "The Blair Whipple Project".

Keep up the good work!

Robert E. Richards

October 9, 2005


    Hello!  My wife and I also enjoy our DVDs we have of the Annie Oakley series.  These sure beat the "junk" they put on television today, don't you think?  We were just wondering if you possibly knew whatever happened to her in real-life.  Just curious...for she was truly a very good actress and cute as a bug!  All of the cast were great on her program.  Keep up the good work!

Have a blessed day.


February 15, 2006

POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  I received the following e-mail late at night from a person I'm assuming was drunk.  There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes and it seems like he was barely able to type.  He thought he was e-mailing Catherine Bach aka "Daisy Duke".  Everything you see in this message is just how he typed it.  I thought this was funny.

Hey daisy my name is tyler and man we watch or show's all the time I sure like that enrol-lee but ya I was just wondering were did the film crew film the show and that's all I wanted to know I am looking forward to your a-mail

          yours truly tyler arntsen

February 25, 2006

POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  I got this e-mail from a guy who actually thought he was e-mailing Charlotte Lewis, star of "The Golden Child".

Dear Charlotte,

Hey, 'sup girl!  I love your movie "The Golden Child".  You look so pretty in it.  Even with your hair down.  I wish I could meet you face to face.  Cya!

Gabby aka The Gabinater

History: American History
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October 22, 2006

Dear Mr. Whipple;

I have just "discovered" your web site and enjoy it immensely. Just for
my information, at that ballgame in 1910, when President Howard Taft 
threw out that first ball of the season, which teams were playing?

Thank You
Norval Land

Movies: "Blondie" Film Series (1938-1950)
Visit "Blondie", a feature in the Movies Department!

April 3, 2005

    Hello, I am contacting you to let you know that I really enjoy your online site feauring Blondie. I am 43 and I have been a life long fan of the show. Please keep up the great work.


April 12, 2005

Ran across your web site...what a treat!  I was wondering, if you might know the location of Larry Simms?  I understand he's still alive.  Thanks-


April 25, 2005

Dear Sir,

    Do you know any sites that feature Larry Simms?  He was such a doll when he was young in the Blondie movies.  I wonder what he looks like now.  Thanks.

Sandra from Canada

May 13, 2005

Very nice bios you have written.  The credit you gave me makes me blush. 
Very well done website.  I do hope you get others that will contribute as
well.  Perhaps with updates too.

James McDonald

May 16, 2005

    I'm just a big fan of Dagwood & Blondie and I was very excited to find your website.

    I used to watch on Saturday mornings with my father when I was little.  Must have been back in the 70's, I guess.  Then AMC had them on, I think they called it the Sunday morning funnies, back in the late 90's.  It was so awesome seeing them on tv again, it must have been 25 years since I last saw them.  I even got a puppy and named him Dagwood.  And Dagwood is 8 1/2 happy years old.

    I recently found a Dagwood & Blondie dvd collection of 10 episodes.  I have been watching them on a portable dvd player on my commute into NYC.  So funny!

    Anyway, not to take up too much of your time!  Your website is terrific and I certainly appreciate the effort you put into it to keep it current and provide unique and interesting information!  It's sad to think the only living connections to those days are Baby Dumpling.  I assume Cookie is still around?  And Alvin?

    Thanks again for doing a great job!


June 11, 2005

    What a great website!  I just purchased all 28 Blondie movies on ebay last week.  They arrived Thursday, and I saw the first one this morning while I was having breakfast.  I teach school, and it was over yesterday, so I decided to relax a little and enjoy "Blondie" once again.  I have already seen most of them, but not all...I love each and every one.  I cannot imagine anyone other than Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake...just perfect for the roles!

    After deciding to access Blondie info on yahoo, I came across your site.  Thank you for the wonderful background you provide!
    Have a great weekend,  

MaryLee in NV

July 4, 2005

    I would get up every Sunday morning as a kid to watch Blondie.  When will I be able to do this again?


August 8, 2005

Hi Blair,

    I just came across your website, very nice job, I applaud you including as much as you have.  for the past 5 years I have been writing and doing research on Edgar Kennedy.  Bearmanor Media is going to publish the book this fall:  "Edgar Kennedy-Master of the Slowburn."  Two of your topics overlap with my interests:  Florence Lake and Jack Rice.  You cover Florence by way of her brother arthur quite well.  I too tried to obtain more information about there parent's circus career.  I cover some if it in the book on her biography, but here's one for you; Edgar directed Arthur Lake in one of those Sweet Sixteen comedies, in fact I have a picture of it in the book,  it's entitled; "Hot Dog."  I was also frustrated at the lack of information on Jack Rice.  This is the first I've known that he had a granddaughter.  In fact, I didn't even know he was married.  I poured through any bio's I could obtain at the Margret Herrick Library, clippings, etc.  Wish I knew who he was married to, although it is too late for the book.  I am planning on launching a web site maybe in a month or so.  I have a groovy picture of Jack Rice (a studio shot) that is enscribed to Edgar's daughter.  Not sure if it will make the book, but surely on the web.  I also talked to Sam White, famed director (along with his brothers) to include about three of the Edgar series.  I have been trying to figure out why Jack Rice replaced Billy Eugene as the brother.  Billy (or William) played the brother for the first couple of years.  He just flat dropped out of sight.  I can't figure out if he died, went for greener pastures, had a falling out, etc.  Back then, cast changes weren't really publicized.  Heck, when they replace Curley with Shemp, Columbia Studios didn't even put out a press release.

    Like to hear from you,

Bill Cassara

September 12, 2006

G'Day from Melbourne, Australia!

Just looking at your web site and it`s beautiful.
I was a big fan of the series and I was just curious to see how Arthur Lake and the rest of the cast looked like at the end of their lives, the one of Larry Simms with wife in Asia was amazing to see.  So any more pics ??

Concetta Gigliotti

September 14, 2006

Greetings again Mr. Whipple! I was just reading through some old e-mails that have somehow snuck into the darkest recesses of my computer and had decided to hibernate there for a few months. I am reffering to an e-mail I sent you way back.

Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 1:33 AM

In our correspondence to and fro, I was trying to find out where in Ontario, Canada Jonathan Hale was born but to no avail. Unfortunately, I never found out on my own.

Regardless in answering your question about Brampton, ONtario, Brampton is just NW of Toronto, and is one of the top three or four fastest growing cities in North America (It used to be number 1). We have a population of about half a million. Do you know if Penny Singleton ever came to Toronto?

Anyways I've been trying to track down DVD's on Blondie and I'vemanaged to find two, each with four or five episodes. I actually found them in some bin in a grocery store of all places. (I suppose you can say who cares where I found them!) I've been watching these DVD's over and over and now my eight year old son is watching them. Can you imagine? An eight year old kid watching movies from the 1930's. I don't know how he can relate to the clothing, the old cars and furniture but it goes to show how timeless the 'Blondie' movies are once you get past all that. I'm glad he likes them and it allows us to watch something together as pure and innocent that's been long lacking in television, considering the dawning of those Japanese cartoons that are full of unwarranted violence.

Keep up the good work regarding your site


Sincerely Daniel Rampazzo

Movies: Live-Action Superheroes
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October 27, 2005

Jaime Mendez

POLAR BLAIR'S NOTE:  Jaime is from Panama.  I'm always glad to hear from international fans!

December 22, 2005


    I'm a major Irish McCalla and Sheena fan and I enjoyed your website.
    Moviecraft.com carries 17 of the Sheena episodes. High quality.

    I'm contributing to a new Sheena website that will have a clip from her rare girlie movie 'Irish McCalla at the Beach.' It will also have a lot of never before seen photos, like from the Sheena set. An audio interview, detailed stories such as her posing for Alberto Vargas. Las Vegas showgirl days.

April 14, 2006

Really enjoyed my visit to your website and your info on the old Wonder Woman movie (1974) was awesome!

Jon Logan

September 4, 2006

Hello ...Nice site. Enjoyed the info on the serial and items to look for. Couple of comments. As it truned out Lewis Wilson died in L.A. not S.F. The place of death was hospital in that city & county. The Imbd site has been updated to reflect the correct location.
Also in the Chapter where Batman(stunt double) is climbing up "pipe" toward roof loose cigarettes fall out of his cape. Run the film in slo-mo! Sorry I can not remember actual chapter.
Keep up the good work...

October 1, 2006

I came across your site while searching for info on the Captain Marvel
serial from 1941. I just rented it from Netflix, and I agree that the
first Christopher Reeve Superman movie wasn't the first to "make us
believe a man can fly." Heh heh. Tom Tyler truly is impressive.

One thing notably missing from your site (to me) would be the
Thundercats--that's a cartoon series with characters that had so much
potential, I found myself in a crowd of fan-fiction writers when I first
got online in '98. For super-powered women, I gotta go with Cheetara. If
a live movie ever gets made, the perfect actress would be Rebecca
Romijn, directed by Bryan Singer.

Then again I can't expect everyone to have my obsessions. :-)

Anyway, I had fun reading a few sections of your site today, and I plan
to check it out some more in the near future. If I ever get around to
updating my links, I'll have to include your site too.

Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, I was a rabid follower of CBS' The Flash, and there definitely
needs to be a Green Lantern motion picture too.

« Erich the Mad Bassist »

¤ Master of the Insane Domain ¤

...enter if you dare!

Movies: "The Tiger-Woman" Serial (1943)
Visit "The Tiger-Woman", a feature in the Movies Department!

December 4, 2005


I just wanted to say I have been a fan of LINDA STIRLING'S going way back....my UNCLE had the TIGER WOMAN SERIAL ON 16MM film and showed it to me as a kid with my other siblings and it has stayed with me.  I have collected a lot on LINDA over the years ...got the 8mm film JUNGLE GOLD of course the video, laser disc and then the dvd of THE TIGER WOMAN AKA PERILS OF THE DARKEST JUNGLE....i have all 6 of LINDA'S SERIALS on video...TIGER WOMAN, ZORRO'S BLACK WHIP, MANHUNT OF MYSTERY ISLAND, PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES, CRIMSON GHOST, AND JESSE JAMES RIDES AGAIN...HAVE her first movie THE POWERS GIRL....and a western with WILD BILL ELLIOT in it....also a movie INVISIBLE INFORMER...I have not seen the MYSTERIOUS MR. VALENTINE but have seen it floating on ebay on dvdr and there is a site with some stills of it through SERIAL SQUADRON...however I was impressed with your site...would be interested in reading any letters from fans of this serial....YOU kinda beat me to the punch...some day I was hoping to do a site but never had the time....and I am impressed with yours so kudos to you ....keep up the good work and love the stills from the serial with the comments underneath reminds me of those MONSTER CARDS FROM THE 60'S....TAKE CARE and hope to see more of LINDA on your site ...i will check out more on LENTA SHANE TIGER WOMAN...who is truly in TIGER STRIPES.  HA!  HA!

Take care,

March 9, 2006

I loved this Tiger Woman show back in the "40"'s.    I was about 8 or 9 years old when we had this serial every Sat at the Highlands Texas Theater ( near Baytown-home of Drew Tate-I saw every high school football game he played-he started 48 games and played in 2 all-star
high school games).
Thanks for your work on this subject. It brings back great memories at a dark time in history!
Allen Dunn
Baytown, Texas

April 9, 2006

Thanks for getting us an answer in the world's largest trivia contest!


Team Thicko