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I don't usually seek out awards, but I love receiving them!  Awards featured on this page will be for Polar Blair's Den as well as some of my other accomplishments.

American Association of Webmasters Awards (Bronze, 2005)
Polar Blair's Den
I was notified of my winning this award on November 16, 2005.  I actually put in my application for this award, which I've never done before with my website.  The American Association of Webmasters is a very professional group and I wanted them to notice me.  I also wanted to be associated with them.  If you have a great website, visit their website by clicking on the graphic above and try out for one of their awards.  I applied for the Bronze.  Maybe I should've tried for the Silver.  At the time, Polar Blair's Den was much smaller than it is now and I didn't have enough fancy stuff to be a Gold winner.  Apply for the award that you believe you are most likely to win.  I'm very proud to be in their ranks.

Classic Movies Link (July 9, 2005)
Polar Blair's Den
I received this award for what was then called "Blondie's Page" on July 9, 2005.  It is now the "Blondie Film Series" entry in the Movies Department.  Brad Lang maintained Classic Movies and truly appreciates Hollywood's Golden Age.  How thrilled was I to learn that he listed this site as one of the Best New Links to his very large website for that particular week.  It's very nice to be noticed and I enjoyed hearing from him and all of you!  Visit his website by clicking the graphic above.

Classic Movies Link (October 9, 2005)
Polar Blair's Den
Brad Lang found me again!  This award for "Meet the Other Tiger-Woman", now known as "The Tiger-Woman Serial" entry in the Movies Department, was received on October 9, 2005.  From 2004-2005, the major features in Polar Blair's Den were: Lenta Shane  The Tiger-Woman, Blondie's Page, Meet The Other Tiger-Woman, Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies, and Gayle Caldwell in order of creation.  It amazes me the incredible following this film serial has to this day.